2010 bass season diary 09 Sep, 2010

2010 bass season diary

Definitely coming in late with the 2010 bass season diary.

A difficult start with low water temperatures in many areas early on but I managed this nice 7lb fish below in an active sea early in May using the Tackle House TKF140 to hold down but run shallow in a moderate to strong sea.I had water go over the top of my chesties wading through the gullies to land this fish.They reckon youre not doing it right unless you get wet!

Warming up in June.Who says you cant catch big bass in a calm sea.

The Illex Bonnie 95 did the biz for me on this 9lb bass below .She was resting in the weeds on this calm June day when I parked the bonnie on her nose.It broke the tranquility of the day with a smashing dive then crashing on top of the water.You can never really get enough of that drug.

Fishing with my fishin buddy Pat Daly on Sunday 5th Sept.

Conditions were tough.A strong  SE wind brought on by  the tail end of Hurricanes carrying that industrial grade rain that gives us what we call a soft day.Its not that soft after half a day but you dont notice it much after youve had a 15lb bass like this one

In the very strong sea I decided to use the Illex Mag Squad which is susepnding so it doesnt tend to get chucked about a lot like true floating plugs. Big bass arent going to be bothered chasing something thats bobbing around like a cork in a big sea.

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