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Ullcatch Bait Weaver System


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Introduction: Have you ever gone fishing only to find your bait elastic is a

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Introduction: Have you ever gone fishing only to find your bait elastic is a no go. All your time and effort, you put into getting ready for the trip is ruined because your bait elastic is decomposed almost and rancid, snap alert! Binding on your crab and the elastic keeps snapping. Well No More!

I present to you ââ¬ÅThe Bait Weaverââ¬Â elastic dispenser.

For all anglers who are frustrated in not being able to instantly find and grip the end of their bait elastic to wrap their bait on their hooks. The Ullcatch Bait Weaver is a new bait elastic dispenser that delivers quality elastic so you can find and grip it successfully every time, so now all anglers can prepare their bait like professional anglers.

Unlike all the competitors, Ullcatchââ¬â¢s Bait Weaver comes with a lanyard and can be hung anywhere, also has a range of different gauges of elastic for different sizes of bait, and crucially always has the elastic in a position ready to use.

The Weaver gives the anglers a superior bait elastic dispenser, that works! To provide you with the best equipment possible for all types of fishing, the Ullcatch Bait Weaver includes 3 new grades of elastic (100m each) for different bait presentation, and a more professional controlled approach to aid you in The Ultimate Catch! Orange Spool For delicate baits / Green spool for general bait set up / Blue Spool for boat fishing.

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