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Smith Chinupen Hotaru 68mm Sinking 01 henrys View larger

Smith Chinupen Hotaru 68mm Sinking 01


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A squid imitation which has been successful for black sea bream,yellowfin sea

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A squid imitation which has been successful for black sea bream,yellowfin sea bream,bass and trevally.
68mm,8.8g slow sinking.

Action that reproduces Hotaru Ika

Its falling attitude after splashdown is slow sinking, with the head downward. Then, it makes slide fall, maintaining stable posture thanks to the built-in weight balance and water stream which is effectively produced by the fin, thus reproducing the action of Hotaru Ika which swims spewing water.

Upon retrieving, the lure appeals to fish with vertical action, moving its head up and down. It is easy to keep a certain range by slow retrieve. Giving a twitch by rod work causes the lure to make a short sliding irregular action, which provokes a flashing appeal on the flat side of the body (hologram colour especially creates this effect). Not only does the lure restore from irregular action quickly, but it reproduces Hotaru Ika and small squid quite naturally as if a real squid responds to something and starts swimming in surprise.
The hooks used in the front and back are OWNERââ¬â¢s Cultiva SD-31 #4. It is double hook spec., which is durable enough to attack areas around weeds and bottom, etc. Replace it with treble hook for stronger hooking.
The hook is equipped with a blue glow ball, mimicking Hotaru Ika which emits light while swimming. The fish species which are feeding on Hotaru Ika are strongly conscious of this light when looking for baits. So, this glow ball is not only appealing, but also practical because it drastically decreases the chance of mis-bite.

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