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Salmo Slider 10S Wounded Real Perch


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almo Slider is a jerkbait known as a glidebait. Since its introduction in 2002

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almo Slider is a jerkbait known as a glidebait. Since its introduction in 2002 it continues to be absolute top-selling bait. The unique shape and action of the Salmo Slider has made it not only one of the greats, but the most copied lure on European market today. It is worth mentioning that the tiny Slider 5cm is the smallest glidebait in mass production anywhere in the world.

ââ¬Â¢ Through-wire construction
ââ¬Â¢ Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
ââ¬Â¢ Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks

Usually the Salmo Slider is fished with a regular series of rod strokes while retrieving the quickly, the rod strokes should be quite energetic and fast. Before fishing proper you should always make a few casts and practise retrieves in clear water to watch the Salmo Sliderââ¬â¢s behaviour and get your timing right, when you do the Salmo Slider will turn acutely from side to side, each turn at a right angle to the direction of retrieve. Do not allow slack line to form after each jerk, for one thing it is important to have a tight line so you clider works so well that many different styles of retrieve will work under different conditions. Whatever style you choose and find effective you should concentrate to make sure you maintain that style, so you must be aware of your Salmo Sliderââ¬â¢s behaviour at all times. The style of retrieve pattern that you choose is very important, for instance when water temperatures are very low (2 ââ¬â 5C) the best results will be achieved by fishing slowly, with pauses of up to 3 seconds long between jerks, and those jerks should be gentle. The sinking Salmo Slider is obviously the right tool for this style, there is subtle movement from the lure as it sinks which is an additional attractor for predators. When water temperatures are higher then the retrieve speed should be increased. The Salmo Slider is surprisingly good for shallow trolling, let it out between 10 and 30m behind the boat and jerk it just as you would when casting, every couple of seconds.

100mm 46g Sinking - Dives to 1.0m (casting) 1.0m (trolling)an set the hook when you have a take but also the sharp turns of the Salmo Slider can take it back over the line and may tangle if it is not properly controlled. Other ââ¬Åschoolsââ¬Â of Salmo Slider fishing have developed, the Salmo S

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