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Rapala Deep Tail Dancer 9cm

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This deep-diving banana-style body lure swims in a pronounced wide tail action

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This deep-diving banana-style body lure swims in a pronounced wide tail action without sacrificing the classic Rapalaî ââ¬Åwounded-minnowââ¬Â attraction. The Deep Tail Dancerî features an enlarged, extreme diving lip that plummets the lure as deep as 30 feet unassisted, getting this bait down where the big ones lie during the mid-summer and early fall months. Balsa wood lure with an internal rattle system, the Deep Tail Dancerî features VMCî black nickel treble hooks for quick piercing sharpness and the strength to withstand the fiercest battles. Hand-tuned and tank-tested, each lure swims perfect right out of the box.
Running depth:7m

Hoh to fish:
A unique trolling lure designed to dive deep on its own; the Deep Tail Dancer will hold its tracking even at fast speeds without any compromise in action. The unique color patterns were chosen by the Rapala Pro Staff and proven with over a yearââ¬â¢s testing under tournament conditions prior to release.
Tie the Deep Tail Dancer directly to the split ring using the double clinch knot. Lob cast the lure out, release 100 feet of line, engage reel and get ready. Trolling speeds play a critical part in the effectiveness of any trolling lure. Here's a tip for successful trolling: Check action at various speeds, next to the boat on short line. Now run the Deep Tail dancer at a variety of speeds until you discover the desired action.
If you speed up enough, the Deep Tail Dancer will start to veer back and forth a bit ââ¬â sometimes thatââ¬â¢s just whatââ¬â¢s needed to get the predators interested.


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