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Henrys Tackle Shop was established by Henry Lynam in 1991
It is a full service High Street fishing tackle shop catering for the needs of a vast range of Sea and Freshwater anglers.
Our mission is to bring you the best quality tackle available in each price range.Part of our mission is also to fact find from you to ensure that you will have the right equipment to do the job.
Apart from fishing equipment we supply live baits llike ragworm.lugworm and crab.We also have maggot,casters and worms available most of the year round.
A full range of frozen baits is available like mackerel.squid,mussell,sandeel.crab,razor and for the pike angler sardine,herring,roach,lamprey,trout,pollan,smolts,smelt .
Repairs,spares  and servicing is available for the brands that we stock. (.ie) was founded in 2005 and was uploaded to the Web by Daniel Stuart Kelly and subsequently upgraded by his friend Adam Willliams of site has been running Oscommerce until mid May 2016 after which it was migrated to Prestashop with Rockpos Epos stock management

Location of Henrys Tackle Shop on Google maps :,-6.2478814,17z?hl=en

Henrys Tackle Shop frontMap locating Henrys tackle Shop