Rod Advice

A few simple tips to keep your fishing rods out of trouble:

1)  Avoid carrying rods with tips forward.

2) Never lubricate rod spigots with any liquid.Use dry graphite from a pencil instead.

3) Avoid carrying made up rods in the car and double check that rod tips are clear of doors and boot before closing.

4) If stuck in a snag dont use the rod to pull out.Sudden shocks to a rod bent to its maximum  will usually break it.


point the rod at the snag leaving it off centre from your body (so that if it pulls free the tackle doesnt hit you) and pull slowly.

5) Check your rods maximum casting weight.If you exceed the maximum weight with a big cast a breakage is likely.

6) Before casting always check that the line isnt wrapped round the rod tip.Pull on the line to ensure that it moves freely through the rings before casting.

7) Dont use the rod like a crane to lift big fish into the air.Most rods cant handle this.