Osp Dolive Stick 6 inch Worms for Bass Colours and Uses 03 Nov, 2017

Osp Dolive Stick 6 inch Worms for Bass Colours and Uses

There are over 30 different colours available in these excellent OSP Dolive Sticks so who decided that only Wakasagi is excellent and the rest are at best pedestrian.Just the power of suggestion and a single endorsement.As a user of these excellent worms for over 5 years and with feedback from thousands of customers I can verify that wakasagi is good but not any better than any other colour used in the right circumstances.Lure fishing requires intelligent choices and slavishly following a single recommendation can lead to disappointment and poor results.OSP DoLive Stick 6inch Scuppernong Blue Flake W034 OSP-DoLive-Stick-6inch-Dark-Cinnamon-Blue-And-Pepper-w027 osp-dolive-stick-fat-4.5in-black-red-flake-w020 osp-dolive-stick-fat-4.5in-blue-back-cinnamon-w112 osp-dolive-stick-green-pumpkin-red-nat-orange-tw108 osp-dolive-stick-neon-shad-tw129  http://www.henrystackleshop.com/en/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=dolive+6&submit_search=   osp-dolive-stick-sunset-craw-tw119 osp-dolive-stick-vitamin-gill-tw180

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