How to Elasticate a Fishing Pole 20 Oct, 2015

How to Elasticate a Fishing Pole


If you want to get a fishing pole elasticated, the easiest way is to take it to a tackle shop and ask if they can do it for you. For your convenience, there are poles also that come with elasticated top sections already that you can buy from shops selling Savage Gear lures and other fishing gear. You can choose the appropriate one for the type of fishing you will do.

If you have never fished with a pole before and you want to learn how to elasticate a pole yourself, this post is for you.

What does it mean to elasticate a pole?

Elasticating a pole means having a length of elastic threaded through the top sections of a pole. You will then attach the anglers pole float rig to the elastic, which should serve as a buffer. This will also prevent the rig line from breaking when you hook into a fish. This will also make it easier to tire the fish while you’re playing it.

The pole elastic that you will find in carp rods and other rods comes in various thicknesses and strengths. There are hollow and solid elastics in the market as well. When it comes to the strength of elastics, they are actually graded by number – from no. 1 to 20 plus. The higher the number, the stronger and thicker the elastic is.

How to Fit a Pole Elastic:

1.Check that the top of the pole section to be elasticated has sufficient width or bore to accept the elastic to be fitted.If it doesn’t you will have to carefully cut small sections at a time from the tip until the elastic fits comfortably.

2.The correct size bush can be fitted to the tip and the elastic should run freely through this.

  1. Take the top kit section and thread the diamond eye pole threader through it from the tip of the pole up to the other end of the pole.
  2. Pull around 5 cm of elastic through the diamond eye of the wire threader, and pull back the threader through the top kit.
  3. Get the pole threader off and then tie the elastic to the bung. If you are using a bung with a winder, wind a couple of turns of elastic onto the bung after tying the elastic to it. Then, push the bung into the pole. Pull the elastic to settle the bung.
  4. The next thing is to tie on the line connector. Be sure that it’s attached well so that the tension of the elastic will pull it back smoothly. This way, it will be taught against the pole bush.

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