Lure Selection

15 Apr, 2011

Lure Selection

People often ask me what is the best lure?

There really  is no answer to that question.

They should be asking me what is the best lure for a particular situation.

I am well placed to give them the answer having been successfully lure fishing for Bass,Pike,Trout,Sea Trout,African Jack,Barracuda,Red snapper etc  for over a quarter of a century.

A good strategy for picking and using lures is essential for success.

Knowing what a lure does is the first step.(2 lures can look the same but have totally different behaviours)  Knowing what obstacles you have to overcome is the next step.

These are some of the questions you have to ask:

1) How deep is the water.

2) How strong is the current.

3) How big are the waves

4) How much colour is in the water.

5) What is the water temperature.

All of these questions have to be considered.

There are lures available to  combat all combinations of conditions.

If you lazily put on the same lure that you caught 6 fish on yesterday even though you’re fishing under totally different conditions and location then its back to school for you.

A good general strategy for picking colours is to have at least 2 colours in a lure.

The first colour should be natural eg green,blue,black,brown with a white belly.

The natural colours are used in clear water conditions.

The second colour should be un-natural or hi-viz.

Hi Viz is designed to combat low visibility in coloured water or big surf with foam going down through the water.The natural colours can be useless in these conditions.

Most anglers lacking confidence and experience rebel against picking hi viz colours and would rather poke a red hot needle through their eye than use them ,but they should look at the experience of top anglers who wouldn’t leave home without them.

Imagine driving 200 miles to a good mark with a box of all natural lures and there is a big coloured sea running when you arrive .You’re going to blank. No doubt about it.

Ultimately the best lure is your brain.

Use It.


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