Africa Sea Fishing

24 Nov, 2010

Guinea Bissau Winter 2010.

Acunda Camp in the Bijagos Islands of Guinea Bissau was the destination for our 2010 Angling Expedition to Africa.

Organized by Richard Sheard of

Acunda camp is on a small island the size of a football field 90 miles from the mainland. Nestled among a group of numerous medium size Islands with shallow fish filled waters.

Armed fisheries protection police patrol the waters.

Fisheries protection here involves burning or sinking offending vessels.It seems to be very effective as they have managed to preserve their fish stocks very well unlike their neighbouring country¬† The Gambia who’s fish stocks have plummeted 80% since 1997.

Henrys lure caught Ruby Snapper

World Sport Fishing staff practice catch and release whenever possible.Because our island camp is so far from civilization just enough fish were taken for the table.

At the end of our first days fishing everyone agreed that it was the best fishing anyone of us ever had.With many 20-40lb fish caught.

To be continued-

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