Wading and the need for Waders 14 Jan, 2020

Wading and the need for Waders

The need for waders when fishing is understandable.

From the hunger to get further into the water to increase casting distance or get to a rock or sandbank in the sea or a hidden spot in a river is an intoxicating yearning.

For many if not most shore based anglers they should regard waders as an essential item of tackle that will improve their fishing if not their comfort.

Of course caution has to be exercised in the case of the sea with an incoming tide or a river with currents and holes. Wading staffs and life jackets are advisable and a knowledge of the tides and winds in the sea is essential when wading.

Thigh waders are mostly used in shallow rivers where there is a low expectation of deep wading.



Chest waders are used for deep wading but can also double as a defence against wet weather as all that is required to be fully waterproof is a top jacket.







The main types of waders by material are :

Breathable Chest Waders: Mainly for summer use or long hikes. Usually multiple fabric layers provide breathability when out of water and waterproofing when in the water. Most breathable waders are made in stocking foot so they are used in conjunction with wading boots. The wading boot gives superior comfort on long hikes and guards against injury to the feet from sharp rocks and uneven ground. They also have a good amount of ankle support.



There are some breathable chest waders available in wellie boot foot also.




Vinyl Chest Waders: This is the standard material used in the majority of budget to extra durable waders.

The more durable versions are used for industrial work Vinyl waders are usually the quickest version to put on and take off.

Neoprene Chest Waders: The default wader for cold weather or miserable conditions .An extended stay in cold water or weather is made much more comfortable by the use of neoprene. Most versions are moderately durable.

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